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Founded in 2000 as Renaissance Chorus and relaunched as Exmouth A Cappella in 2020. We sing unaccompanied in four-part harmony, using just our voices to create the music. The lowest voices are Basses who provide the rich tones and often have the job of keeping us in time!  The highest is the Tenors who are the sweet icing on the cake! In the middle, we have the Leads who usually take the main tune.. and most of the words, and the Baritones who provide harmonies at a similar pitch.  If you are interested in joining us but don’t have the ability to read music, don’t worry. We supply teaching soundtracks and/or CDs and sheet music.  We perform in all sorts of places from churches to gardens, and theatres to residential homes. If you would like us to come and sing for you please contact us using the link below.

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Exmouth Food Bank

Every year we support one local charity -  this year it is Exmouth Food Bank

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